What You Need to Know About Summer Colds and Staying Healthy

Think you can only contract a cold in the winter/when it's cold out?

Think again. Colds can happen at any time of the year, including the summer. The rhinovirus can spread just as easily whether it's hot or cold out, but often times a cold is mistaken for allergies because it's hot out.

Cold or Allergies?

According to an article on healthline.com, here are the major differences that can help you distinguish between a cold and allergies.
  • You’ll have other symptoms - while they share certain traits (sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, etc.), a cold will include cough, sweating, and fever.
  • Allergies will last longer - if symptoms disappear after 2 weeks, you can be sure what you were dealing with was a cold.
  • Symptoms will fluctuate - while allergies are consistent (and persistent), colds tend to start mild, worsen, and then you start seeing improvement.
  • Onset of symptoms is different - with colds, each individual symptom comes up at separate times. With allergies, all of them will come on at once.
  • Nasal discharge will be different - Since colds are infections, the mucus after blowing your nose will be thick and greenish or yellowish. With allergies, mucus will be translucent and usually thinner in consistency.

How to Start Feeling Better

You'll treat a summer cold how you would any other cold.

  • Rest
  • Stay nourished and hydrated
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Humidifiers
  • Seriously, REST - we know you want to go outside and enjoy as much summer as you can, but you have to rest so you can get better!


The best way to treat a cold is to prevent it.

  • Take care of your immune system.
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Wash your hands
  • Avoid those who have a cold (and avoid those who don't if YOU are the one who has one)

Anything Else I Should Know About Summer Colds?

Ultimately, the only difference between a summer cold and a "normal" cold is the temperature outside -- and summer colds tend to be more miserable because they are preventing you from being active like we typically are in the summer months.

A summer cold will last about 10 days - the cold will have the same duration as any other time of the year.

Summer colds can really make you feel miserable, and it does seem quite unfair to be lying on the couch with cold when you could be out enjoying the summer weather. ~ Dr. Najmabadi & Dr. MaKieve

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