Summer is Coming, Here are 5 Ways in and Around Lincoln to Beat the Heat for Better Health

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

As the summer months get closer, so to do the opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and a plethora of outdoor activities.

But with these summer activities come heat waves, rising temperatures, and an increased risk of heat stroke, dehydration, and sunburns.

We must take care to keep cool, hydrated, and protect our skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

Here are some tips to stay safe and beat the heat this summer.

Public Cooling Centers

If you find your air conditioning to be inadequate, there are a number of places open to the public to beat the heat.

A cooling center is a place where you and your family can go to cool off during hot summer days. Cooling centers are open to everyone. - PG&E

Cooling Centers include:

  • Government-run senior centers

  • Community centers

  • Parks and recreation sites

  • Public buildings, such as libraries

Where to cool-off in Lincoln

Check with your city and county to see if there are other specific ones in your area.

Stay Hydrated

Drink more water than usual and don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water.

The color of your urine is a good indicator of hydration. Clear or light colored means you’re well hydrated, whereas darker yellow usually means you're approaching dehydration (if not already dehydrated).

Other Ways to Protect Yourself

  • Stay out of the heat during peak hours.
  • Wear light-weight clothing, but make sure to cover up and/or wear sunscreen.
  • Cool showers (or swimming) to cool down.


Heatstroke: If you find yourself or someone you know experiencing symptoms of heatstroke, call 911 or get to a hospital immediately. Heatstroke is the most serious heat related health issue.

Dehydration: the best way to treat it is to prevent it. Fluid replacement is the treatment for dehydration. Drinking water, electrolyte water, or drinks such as Gatorade help replace fluids. If you find yourself unable to get hydrated (still thirsty, urine output unchanged), seek medical assistance immediately.

Sunburn: depending on the severity, soothing balms such as aloe vera and cool packs can reduce the pain and swelling caused by sunburns

Drink water, try to stay indoors from 10am-4pm. If you have to go out during peak heat hours use shade and wear sunscreen protection. ~ Dr. Najmabadi 

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