Meet Carol Metcalf, Medical Billing Manager and Avid Streisand Fan

Lincoln Internal Medicine would like to showcase… Carol Metcalf. Carol is our Medical Billing Manager and has been with the Lincoln Internal Medicine team for eight years.

If you've ever had a question about your statement, you've probably talked with Carol. She's great at explaining a patient's statement and actively listens to ensure each patient's issue is resolved.

“I had called to ask about a monthly statement I had received. 15 minutes later I was off the phone with a smile on my face. It took two minutes to answer the statement question, we spent 13 minutes talking about our fur babies.” Patient at Lincoln Internal Medicine.

Carol works behind the scenes at Lincoln Internal Medicine to institute a higher level of quality review and accuracy to our billing.   

She is eager to help our patients and her fellow co-workers and has also been known to help answer the phones in a pinch.

“I enjoy being able to help our patients with their insurance issues as well as working with a great staff.”

She has very good singing voice. The office knows this because she will rock out to Barbara Streisand. She LOVES Babs.

Dr. Daniel MaKieve and Dr. Sadaf Najmabadi both agree Carol is truly an asset to Lincoln Internal Medicine.

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